Monday, April 25, 2011

Emma Watson to Transfer From Brown

A spokeswoman for Harry Potter star Emma Watson says she will be transferring from Brown University to another higher education institution.
Emma announced last month she was taking a hiatus at Brown, but has denied reports that she "bullied out" of the Rhode Island university.
Her rep said Saturday that Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series, decided to pursue a different course not offered at Brown.

She added that despite the decision to transfer, the star "has absolutely loved her time at Brown" and made a lot of good friends there.
Watson has recently taken time out of her studies to focus on her movie career. She has said that her first days in college were difficult.
The rep did not identify the university Watson, who stars in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 this July, will be transferring to.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rebecca Black Death Threats Lead to Police Probe

Playing Rebecca Black on repeat is enough to make you insane.
Still, some people take their animosity for the teen "singer" too far. Anaheim police are investigating two death threats made last month against Black.
The 13-year-old YouTube sensation whose "Friday" got her a legit manager and face time on many talk shows, apparently has enemies as well as fans.

"In essence, the threats were related to getting the music off the Internet or they were going to kill her," police spokesman Sgt. Rick Martinez said.
"We can't validate how serious they are, but we do take it seriously."
One Rebecca Black death threat was phoned in and another emailed, Martinez said, adding, "In the meantime, we are keeping an eye out for her."
"We are working together with the Anaheim Police Department to ensure Rebecca's safety at all times," added the teen's rep. Yes, she has a rep.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sophie Cranston: Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer?

One of many burning Royal Wedding questions ever since Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged has been who will design the bride's dress.
Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have been rumored, but their modern aesthetics may not be appropriate for the regal, April 29 affair.
Now, several news outlets are reporting that Kate Middleton has settled upon Sophie Cranston, a 34-year-old who previously worked for McQueen.

Sophie worked with the late fashion icon before branching out with her own Libélula studio. You can see some of Cranston's wedding dress designs here.
Interest in her work has been so great in the 24 hours since this rumor surfaced that the Libélula website crashed, according to the label's press contact.
Visitors are now greeted with a message that reads: Due to our recent press coverage the site has received overwhelming traffic, causing technical issues.
True or not, the bride should look stunning 10 days from now. Whether or not she and Wills enter with this Royal Wedding Dance, however, is uncertain.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Catherine Zeta-Jones Seeks Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

Despite earlier denials, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly entered a mental health facility to seek treatment for bipolar disorder, reports say.
One of Catherine's reps tells People "After dealing with the stress of the past year, Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility."
The rep confirms it was "for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar Disorder."

"She's feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films," the rep says, adding that she spent five days there.
Reports say Catherine had been in Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for treatment, but Zeta Jones, 41, has apparently checked out as of this report.
Her husband Michael Douglas, 66, announced in January he was declared free of cancer after extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
We wish them both only the best!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kate Middleton on Royal Wedding: Nervous!

Prince William has already copped to pre-wedding jitters. With an estimated two billion TV viewers watching your nuptials, we can see why.
Yesterday, during their final public appearance before the big day, Wills' bride-to-be Kate Middleton revealed that she, too, has the butterflies.
Asked by a woman in Blackburn, England, if she was nervous about walking into Westminster Abbey April 29, she said, "Yes, of course I am!"

They were wished luck at every turn. One couple, Margaret and Alwyn Davis, sent Kate "all the best." Her reply: "Yes, I can't believe it's coming so soon now."
The occasion also marked the first donation by the grant-giving charitable foundation established by Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.
William and Kate handed over a "six-figure sum" to the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, which aims to enhance and protect playing fields in Britain.

Kim Kardashian Irate Over Turkish Cosmo Cover

Kim Kardashian is reportedly very upset that a photo of her was used on the cover of Turkey's edition of Cosmopolitan magazine this month.
Her objections stem from her Armenian heritage.
It is a widely-held belief that Turkey was responsible for acts of genocide against the Armenian people in the early part of the 20th Century.

Kim Kardashian, an Armenian-American who has been vocal about the genocide, did an international photo shoot recently that went to various magazines.
That included several owned by Cosmopolitan, but she didn't know it would end up on the Turkish version of the mag, and she's quite upset about this.
Sources say Cosmo let Kim's people know which international outlets of the magazine would use her picture, but never mentioned Turkey to Kim or her reps.
Kim would not have approved the use of her pic in the Turkish version, according to sources close to her, and it's particularly upsetting this time of year.
April 24, which happens to also be Easter Sunday this year, is the day Armenians commemorate the genocide, and comes just*weeks after this release.

Friday, April 1, 2011

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