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Top 10 Female Models in Pakistan 2012

‘Beauty is composed of an eternal, invariable element whose quantity is extremely difficult to determine, and a relative element which might be, either by turns or all at once, period, fashion, moral, passion.‘ The unpredictable trends and anything that we call to be ‘IN’ is the signal of Fashion. It is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person.

‘The Top Ten Best Female Fashion Models in Pakistan’

No. 1 Iman Ali

D.O.B. 19th Dec, 1980 Iman Ali is a popular Pakistan based model turned actress. She was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is the daughter of television/film actor Abid Ali and his first wife, Humaira Ali. She has two younger sisters, Maryam and Raimah Ali. Fashion critics rate Ali amongst the top models of Pakistan.She has modeled for almost all major design houses in Pakistan and has had an unprecedented run as a ‘Lux girl’ for three years. She is also the face of popular Pakistani cosmetics brand Luscious Cosmetics.Iman rose to fame by portraying Anarkali in a seven-minute music video directed by Shoaib Mansoor. She has been showing up in several tv popular and highly paid tv serials such as; Kismat, Arman, Pehla Pyar, Kuch Log Ruth Kar Kay Bhi, Woh Tees Din and Dil Dekay Jayeinge.

No. 2 Zara Sheikh

D.O.B. 1st June, 1982 Zara Sheikh is a successful model who was well knownin the world of fashion well before she made her debut in feature films and began her singing.She began her career through an ad campaign for Mobilink Jazz, working as a full-time model before making her debut on the cinema-screen.She has acted in the following movies; ‘Tere Pyar Mein’, ‘Salakhein’ and ‘Laaj’. Zara branched into singing (playback) for her film Chalo Ishq Larain. She made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the “JaZZ Girl” for one of Pakistan’s prominentcellular service providers. Sheikh has modeled for a large number of fashion designers, including designers Deepak Perwani, Umer Syed, Nomi Ansari, Sobia Nazir, Rizwan Baig, and Ayesha Versay. Zara Sheikh is the brand ambassador for Salina-Wardah.Some products she has worked for include Mobilink, Habib Cooking Oil, Care Vanishing Cream, Care Cosmetics, 7 Up, Rite Biscuits, Beri-O, Eden Luxury Villas, Dawn Bread, Dabur Amla Hair Oil (International Campaign),Rose Petal Tissues, Haleeb Milk, Bonanza, Molty Foam, Salina Wardah’s “Fabric Concepts” and Al-Khair Polymers.

No. 3 Sunita Marshall

D.O.B. 2nd July, 1982 Sunita Marshall is a Pakistani model and television actress. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan to a Pakistani Christian family in 1982. She is a commerce graduate from St. Patrick’s College (Karachi).She started her acting career with a telefilm named “Tere bina”. Marshall was introduced into the modeling world by her aunt. She made her first appearance in a Garnier Fructis commercial and other hair products such as Pantene, Head and Shoulders and Kuene.Marshall returned as a model for Gul Ahmed. She worked with fashion designers such as Deepak Perwani, HSY, Bunto Kazmi and Nilofer Shahid.Marshall was chosen by Bunto Kazmi to model her clothes in 2000 for a Milan fashion show and later modeled for Dior and Gucci.She starred in Abrar-ul-Haq’s music video Preeto (Pretty) and in the music video for the Shehzad Roy song “Jana”.She appeared in the television movie called Tere Bina (without you) in which she played a young spoiled girl who elopes with her boyfriend and then later learns about the responsibilities of marriage, which was followed by a role in the television drama Malika in which she plays a Fashion Model/Actress who gets ahead of her friend in show business.

No. 4 Amina Haq

D.O.B. 4th Nov, 1972 Amina Haq is a Pakistani model and actress. Arguably she is one of the most photogenic & beautiful Pakistani models and actresses. She has appeared on Pakistani television dramas and advertisements and Pakistani music videos. Now she is leading model in Pakistan.She started her career from Television. Amina has proved most popular among her counterparts, captivating audiences with her intense beauty and sharp acting ability. Amina also has done a few international commercials, notably in Canada and was interviewed by ‘French Vogue. Amina wrote a column, “GirlFriday” for several years, followed by a string of articles for several publications. In 2009, she joined the Buksh Group as the Editor-in-Chief for their in-house publication to be released later this year.Over the years, Amina has acted in a number of Urdu dramas. Her serials such as Chaandni Raatain and Ghulam Gardish have been well received. Amina has modelled for a large number of magazines, including She, Libas, Visage, Women’s Own, Fashion Collection and Newsline. She also hosted three seasons of Lux Style ki Duniya, and hosted a chat show for Aag TV, called the Amina Haq Show.

No. 5 Neha Ahmed

D.O.B. 4th Nov, 1972 Neha Ahmed is a glamorous, stylish and sophisticated fashion model who is serving her country in this field since more than five years.Her biography also wraps the best model achievement of the year award. Neha Ahmed has also performed in some music videos by showing her acting skills.Neha Ahmed is a well known model of Pakistan. Neha started her career with a photoshoot for Ather Shahzad. Soon after her first appearance Neha makes her place in Pakistan showbiz industry. Neha had done photo shoot for renowned magazines of Pakistan and she is also modeled for different well known brands.Due to stunning looks and perfect model figure Neha Ahmed is getting the attentions of every one. In few years Neha make her place in the top models of Pakistan. She got Lux style best model of the year award in 2008. NehA Ahmed is also a big name for fashion shows and ramp. Neha Ahmed works for well known fashion designers of Pakistan. Neha make appearance in international fashion shows like Paris and Dubai.Neha Ahmed also appeared in Music videos of Pakistani singers like “Ali Haider” and “Sheraz Uppal”.

No. 6 Fiza Ali

D.O.B. 15th Feb, 1979 Fiza Ali is a beautiful Famous Pakistani Fashion Model and TV Actress. Pakistani Fashion and Showbiz industry is occupied with talented and smart figures. One of the Pakistani cutest Fashion model & drama actresses, Fiza Ali is moving progressively on the road of success.Top Pakistani fashion model and TV actress Fiza Ali is most popular and young smart charming girl. She is most talented and intelligent T.V drama actress and cute model.This girl with incredibly amiable qualities has contributed in the world of entertainment industry for a period of 10 years. She was very young when she started off withmodeling and now after being married for two years she is still one of the preferred artists that directors would turn to, she has worked in great memorable plays on almost all local TV channels.Fiza Ali has launched her Kurti Line collection named “Signature Collection” at Nairang Art Gallery Lahore. Fiza Signature brings exclusive collection of Ready to Wear. The Collection is hence with Style in Eastern & Western Designs.It includes a range of Cocktail and Fusion wear (Evening Dresses).

No. 7 Sara Chaudhry

D.O.B. 27th SeptemberSara Chaudhry is a top Pakistani model and outstanding actress, born in Lahore Pakistan. Sara Chaudhry’s real name was Iqra but she changed it to Sara after entering Pakistan fashion industry. Except modeling Sara Chaudhry has worked so far in many commercials and plays. She started her career as a model and now she also does acting and comparing on TV.At a very early age, Sara Chaudhry took a bold step and started modeling, which was really hard for a newcomer at an early age. However, she says, I got the chance to be a model when I was in 8th grade and it was my father’s friend who helped me to start this career. Though I had always been fascinated by this profession since childhood, but after actually becoming a model I had to face a lot of criticism, which discouraged me to some extent. She had worked many TV plays like Teray Pehloo Mein, Khuda Zamee Se Gaya Nahi, 93 Shumali, Who Ishq Jo Humse Rooth Gay etc.Although she wants to continue working in this field, but at the same time she feels that her Marriage might be a turning point in her life. Sara Chaudhry was engaged with Sami Khan in Childhood to the choice of her parents. While working in a play, she met a person, but she did not know that he was the person with whom she had been engaged in her childhood.

No. 8 Mehreen Syed

D.O.B. 8th June 1978Mehreen Syed is a Pakistani model. She has won the “International Model of the Year Award in 2007.Mehreen is the first Pakistani model to have appeared on the cover of the popular Middle East fashion magazine Alamra. She was crowned “Indigo-Sunday Face of the Year 2007. Other than modeling now Mehreen has launched her own jewelry line and it was exhibited in Lahore. MehreeN Syed jewelry show was covered live by a local channel, also.MehreeN Syed has been in the fashion industry, since 2000; and she has made her mark in modeling. MehreeN Syed is well known and well respected by her colleagues and in the show many celebrities came to her, at her first jewelry exhibition to extend support and give encouragement. MehreeN Syed has launched her own jewelry line.

No. 9 Tooba Siddiqui

D.O.B. 7thAugust 1984 Tooba Siddiqui started her career from a charity show. Soon after her first show she starred in a Music Video for Pakistani pop singer Yasir Akhtar. The video gave Tooba enough exposure to register her as a newcomer. Soon Tooba packed her bags and moved to Karachi from Islamabad to start her career as a model in the big citx. She started modeling for the Pakistani fashion industry towards the beginning of 2000 (the exact year in which she started is a mystery). Since the start of her career she has appeared on numerous Pakistanifashion magazines and has done photoshoots for several agencies. The notable shoots include those of Deevees and Diva.Tooba also has a love for acting and when asked if she would prefer acting or modeling she replied by saying acting. Tooba Siddiqui wants to work on the big screen but regrets not having been offered any good roles. Even though the young model has been offered roles from the neighboring country India, she declined all offers saying if she is to become a Film Heroin she will do so in Pakistan. Tooba is considering some Lollywood offers at the moment. She is currently filming Ajnabee Shehr Mein alongside Shaan, Ali Zafar, Nadeem, Veena Malik, Samina Peerzada, Ali Saleem and others. The film will release in early 2012.

No. 10 Noore Bhatti

D.O.B. 1985Noore Bhatti is a Pakistani model. Noore had always intended to become ajourNoore Bhattinalist but was discovered by the famous photographer Tapu Javeri. Javeri was particularly interested in the fact that Noore resembled Eva Longoria and he was able to convince her for a photo shoot. Noore and the camera just clicked and after a change of heart, she changed her career as well.After her first photo shoot, Noore got a chance to be on a billboard on Zamzama, the fashion Avenue of Karachi. After getting noticed by millions of people Noore got a contract with the famous brand name Hangten andCrossRoads. Soon, she was officially a model on her way to the top. Noore has worked with famousphotographers such as Rizwan Beyg, Tapu Javeri, and Deevees as well as working with famous designers such as Maheen Khan, Sonya Batla, Beegees, Umar Syeed, and HSY. Moreover, Noore has also worked with designers such as Dior, DKNY, Versace, and Anne Taylor.Noore’s has only been in the industry for three years and her work is already very much appreciated. She has been nominated for Lux Best Model of the Year twice in a row and has won the IM Style award.

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